I feel blessed every day that the coolest, hottest, most talented people support my work. Bad Bitch Contest is a series of interviews with (excuse to talk to) these incredible babes.

This week, Allie's in first place. Allie is a bossy Chicago native, aspiring Instagram honey, and hot dog enthusiast. 

Find her in her element: twitter amateur hour podcast instagram

What does being a feminist mean to you? It's funny that you ask me this question because it's been heavy on my mind lately! I'm currently struggling with the label of feminist because I feel that mainstream feminism is very exclusionary. The feminism that I try to embody, though, means listening to women. It means trusting women. It means fighting for women but it also means sitting down and shutting up and recognizing that I have a lot to learn. It means recognizing the inherent dopeness of every woman and working to uplift them all.

What does your perfect day look like? It starts with me getting ready to Heartbreaker by Mariah Carey (I literally do this every day anyway), drinking my coffee and reading on my porch. Then getting a fresh set of gel nails (it's like an instant reset button for my mood), followed by drinks and wings with my girlfriends, and finally going to the club where dudes buy us drinks, apologize for interrupting us, and leave us alone. 

Also everyone gives me presents, I get to pet some dogs, and I wake up the next day without a hangover. 

What's the bravest thing you've done this week? Ever? This week? I wore a white bodycon dress on the second day of my period. I think the bravest thing I've ever done was start a volunteer job as a rape crisis counselor. I had to confront a lot of very scary shit that I didn't even know was still lurking but I'm so glad I did it.

Describe your favorite way to treat yourself Once a friend complimented me for being "really good at self care." Now that I'm thinking about it that feels like shade. I might be TOO good at self care; "I deserve it" is definitely the motto. Some of my favorite ways to treat myself are a eating a huge greasy meal, doing a luxurious face mask, buying an outrageously overpriced lipstick (and promptly losing it), and hitting the BYOB nail spot.*

If they were making a movie about your life what would the genre be? What would it be called? Who would play you? I would love to have my legacy be a terrible Lifetime movie that ends in my family suing the network. Ideally, I would be played by Laura Prepon in a fat suit.

*Pouring a bottle of prosecco into my big gulp cup and bringing it to the nail spot.