I feel blessed every day that the coolest, hottest, most talented people support my work. Bad Bitch Contest is a series of interviews with (excuse to talk to) these incredible babes.

This week, James's in first place.

Find him in his element: 

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What does being a feminist mean to you? Believing in the equality of the sexes, and fighting for it when you see that being withheld. Point blank period.

Describe the raddest thing you've done in your eythink shirt. I had my wedding rehearsal dinner while holding a handful of tacos.

What does your perfect day look like? A cup of bougie fucking coffee from a Chemex, listening to Toro y Moi, no emails in my inbox, and all you can eat cheesy eggs.

What's the bravest thing you've done this week? Ever? I told someone "No."

Who's your hero? Why? Kanye West, because he truly doesn’t fucking care if you like it.

If they were making a movie about your life what would the genre be? What would it be called? Who would play you? It would be one of those softly-lighted, indie comedy/coming-of-age stories made by an all-black cast and lauded as the latest Sundance Film Festival darling. The name would be “I Left the T in my Name Because It’s Easier to Google” and I would be played by The Weeknd.

What's the title of your memoir? “Does This Come With Fries?”: The Memoir of James T. Green